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Online probate service for legal professionals

In October HMCTS rolled out a pilot for probate which enables legal professionals to access the online service. They can make an application for any Probate, Intestacy or a Grant of Letters of Administration with Will Annexed application.

The ability to apply to stop a probate grant being issued (a caveat) has recently been added to the online service.

Development of the service

Over 50 firms have taken part in the development of this service using real cases to test and provide feedback on the system.

Chair of our Wills and Equity Committee Ian Bond and his firm, Talbots Law, have been part of the pilot from the outset. He states:

“Dealing with the administration of a loved one’s estate can be complicated. Part of that process is the application for a grant of representation.

“Depending on the nature, complexity and value of a deceased persons estate will determine the administrative process required to obtain the necessary grant.

“The digitisation of the process to apply for the grant of representation means that in most uncontested applications the online service has made the system much easier for our solicitors and a better experience for our clients.

“Whilst the online system started with applications where a will existed it has developed and will continue to be developed to cover a broader range of applications in the future.

“We look forward to working with HMCTS for the continued development and welcome the fact that more solicitors can join the scheme and see the benefits it brings to the firm and its clients.”

It’s important to note that the online probate service is not a finished system and still has some work to go but it’s a positive step forward.

To make sure the system works and for improvements to be made, send your feedback to

What the new online service does

The online service will allow each law firm to:

  • manage their own account on the system
  • view all their probate applications in a single dashboard
  • monitor the stages of their applications online, removing the need to phone HMCTS for updates

Applications can be submitted any time of the day and will be instantly uploaded to the system.

HMCTS state that the only paper that will need to be sent to the probate service is the original will and inheritance tax (IHT) documentation.

These will be scanned in and automatically attached to the relevant case.

How to sign up

Register to use the service

You must have a Pay By Account (PBA) account to use the new service. This lets you use the HMCTS Fee Account System to pay for online applications.

Apply for a PBA account

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to manage your accounts and start your online probate applications.

If you have a query while applying for a specific probate application online, including on intestate cases, call 0300 303 0648.

Reviewing the probate service

We continue to engage with HMCTS to review the probate service following the disruptions that were experienced by our members and their clients throughout 2019.

We will be meeting with them at the beginning of February and hope to see continued improvements in the service.

Read a summary of our meeting in November

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