Updated property forms launched to support efforts to assist sellers and buyers affected by the building safety crisis

Updated property forms have today (9 January) been launched by the Law Society of England and Wales.

There are new versions of the TA7 leasehold information form and TA13 completion information and undertakings form.

An updated version of the LPE1 leasehold property enquiries form has also been launched today by the Law Society and other bodies.

“The LPE1 and TA7 forms have been amended as part of efforts to ensure that those who want to buy or re-mortgage flats affected by building safety issues can access mortgage finance,” said Law Society of England and Wales President Lubna Shuja.

“We are happy to play our part in helping to accommodate this aim.

“We have also taken the opportunity to make some process improvements to our TA13 form.”

The revised TA7 (3rd edition) includes:

• a new section on building safety to assist transactions impacted by the Building Safety Act 2022 including questions about: remediation works; whether the lease is a qualifying lease; the Leaseholder Deed of Certificate and the Landlord’s Certificate

• a question asking if the seller knows about defects that create a building safety risk

• new questions about the ownership and management of the building

• fields to capture details of the seller if they are a company

• updated definitions and other process improvements.

The revised TA13 (4th edition) includes:

• arrangements to be made for the seller to hand over not just the keys, but also any equivalent electronic devices, passcodes and alarm codes

• confirming that a copy of the executed transfer is attached or will be supplied before completion

• a client firm’s reference to be included with the bank details.

The revised LPE1 (4th edition) features several additional questions including:

• Whether the Leaseholder Deed of Certificate has been served on the Landlord in relation to the sale of the property or remedial works required to the property?

• Whether a Landlord’s Certificate has been served?

• Where there is any outstanding enforcement action?

Notes to editors

• See the updated LPE1 form here

• The updated TA7 and TA13 forms are available from the authorised and licensed third-party suppliers listed on the Law Society website

• The updated TA7 and TA13 forms may be used from today (9 January 2023). From 14 February 2023, only the updated version should be used.

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