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Our Solicitor Judges Network hub includes news and updates relating to judicial appointments, judicial diversity and relevant policy developments.

Start with our exclusive webinars for aspiring solicitor judges:

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For an overview of roles and the application process, read our guide on becoming a judge.

Judicial roles

To find out more about specific judicial roles, read:

You can also find out more on the judiciary’s website.

Shadowing and mentors

Shadowing a judge can offer you insight into the working lives of judges, judge craft and decision-making.

Register for the judicial work shadowing scheme

You can also join the Judicial Mentoring Scheme, which focuses on addressing the under-representation of women, Black, Asian and minority ethnic lawyers, and encouraging greater socio-economic diversity.

Find out more and apply for a mentor

Informal shadowing

Alternatively, you can ask to shadow a judge directly, outside of the official scheme. If you're in contact with judges in the normal course of your work, for example, you can arrange this directly with a judge in a way that suits both of you.

Other resources

The JAC has useful advice on how to prepare before you apply.

The Pre-Application Judicial Education (PAJE) programme offers extra support for under-represented groups:

Before you apply, make sure you’ve read the JAC materials thoroughly:

Find out how to develop your experience further

You may also wish to consider:

  • how you've handled challenging situations at work and how this demonstrates your competency – start collecting examples from your practice and other activities, such as volunteer work or other roles you may hold (for example, school governor) 
  • reading the Equal Treatment Bench Book – you don’t need to read it cover to cover, but familiarise yourself with its guiding principles

Volunteer as a mock candidate

Familiarise yourself with the selection process by registering as a ‘mock candidate’ for the JAC’s dry runs (which are used to check that its selection process is fair and robust) including:

  • online qualifying tests
  • role plays
  • interviews

Mock candidates must wait six to 12 months before applying for that specific role, so sign up early. 

Find out more about dry runs

Once you’re ready to apply, there are tools to help you prepare a strong submission.

Our judicial careers pages cover what to do:

As a Solicitor Judges Network member, you can watch recordings of recent webinars on preparing your application:

You can also access exclusive application tips tailored for solicitors from:

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Read the JAC’s advice on:

His Honour Judge Rahim Singh has shared exclusive competency-based examples with members of the Solicitors Judges Network.

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Interview training

Boost your application and interview performance by joining one of our online workshops designed specifically for solicitor applicants.

Book interview training on our events pages

Next steps

If you’re looking for your next step, download our guide to understanding judicial roles (PDF 690 KB).

The following senior appointments are recruited annually:

See upcoming vacancies

Webinar: Career pathways to becoming a Supreme Court Justice

Become a mentor

If you’re interested in mentoring an aspiring solicitor judge or sharing your experiences, email us at

Support with your career

 If you're a sitting judge, get in touch with your questions relating to:

  • the judicial pathway
  • issues specific to solicitors' experiences in the judiciary

If you would like to share any concern or make suggestions, email us at

Watch our webinars

Pathways to a judicial career: practical advice for aspiring solicitor judges, and Q&A with Lady Rose, Justice of the Supreme Court

Solicitor judges – career pathways and practical advice

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