Concerns over safety of Camp Liberty occupants

Who we wrote to

Prime minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi.

What's the issue

We’re concerned for the safety of the occupants of Camp Liberty.

We raised our concern previously in our letter dated 4 April 2016 on the treatment of the residents of the camp.

On 4 July 2016, there was another heavy missile attack on Camp Liberty, wounding more than 40 residents, causing extensive damage and setting parts of the camp on fire.

The attack was apparently carried out by militias affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Quds Force.

We understand that over the past ten days, the Iraqi forces in charge of the camp have blocked the entry of fuel, food and medicine to the camp.

The residents of the camp are unarmed and, as refugees, constitute a particularly vulnerable group.

Since the attack was mounted adjacent to Iraq’s busiest international airport, it seems likely that it would have occurred with at least the tacit approval, and in any case without intervention, by the Iraqi public authorities.

We’ve been informed that Iraqi forces are permanently posted outside the perimeter of the camp and not only control who enters and leaves the camp, but also the area around the airport where the missiles were apparently fired.

What we asked for

We urged the Iraqi government to:

  • hold to its promise to ensure that the residents of Camp Liberty are protected and no harm comes to them
  • investigate the incidents referred to above and to ensure that those who intend harm to Camp Liberty residents are not allowed access to the camp
  • prevent any further attacks on the camp and to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice

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