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Solicitor Judges Division

  • The Solicitor Judges Division (SJD) supports solicitors who are interested in a judicial career.

    We aim to:

    • increase the number of solicitors who become judges
    • encourage solicitors from diverse backgrounds and with varied experience to apply for judicial posts

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    What the Solicitor Judges Division does

    The SJD supports aspiring, current and retired solicitor judges. It does this by providing career-enhancing events, materials and networking opportunities.

    It was set up to help solicitor judges and the Law Society work together more effectively. It encourages solicitor judges to use their experiences and expertise to support:

    • solicitors who want to become judges
    • colleagues already in the judiciary who want to take on more senior roles

    Reasons to join the Solicitor Judges Division

    It’s a chance to make your voice heard on judicial matters and connect with your peers.

    It’s free to join and membership is open to current and retired solicitors.

    You can benefit from:

    • specialised events and training
    • local networking opportunities
    • regular e-newsletters and updates
    • access to a community of solicitor judges and aspiring judges

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