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Fix the broken system - back our criminal justice campaign

  • Due to many years of underinvestment our criminal justice system is crumbling.

    Things are going wrong at every level and every stage. It’s become a nightmare journey through the system for the accused, for victims and for solicitors alike.

    We have published a landmark report which explores how failures in our criminal justice system are leading to injustice, negative impacts on people's lives, and increasing pressure on the criminal justice system. The report makes 11 key policy recommendations to government.

    Read the report here.

    Write to the new lord chancellor

    We’re encouraging people to write to the new lord chancellor to urge him to:

    • back our criminal justice and legal aid deserts campaigns
    • prioritise access to justice

    Our online tool takes just two minutes to complete and helps you to raise your concerns direct with the lord chancellor.

    Write to the lord chancellor

    Sign our criminal justice petition

    We've launched a new petition calling for the government to increase investment in the criminal justice system.

    Sign the petition

    Five problems facing the system

    Increasing shortages of criminal duty solicitors

    Within five years, there could be areas in England and Wales where people who have been arrested won’t be able to access a duty solicitor. This means they won’t be able to get the free legal advice they’re entitled to.

    Find out more about the shortage of criminal duty solicitors

    The means test for criminal legal aid is too restrictive

    People on low incomes aren’t able to access legal advice, or are having to pay contributions towards it which are higher than they can afford.

    Read our report into legal aid means testing

    Inefficiencies in the system

    For example, cases in court are often 'double booked', so some hearings get cancelled at the last minute. Things like this waste the accused’s and their solicitor’s time, and increase costs.

    More and more courts are being closed

    Defendants and witnesses are having to make unreasonably long and expensive journeys to court.

    Crucial evidence is often not disclosed

    Important evidence sometimes isn’t made available until the last minute, or isn’t disclosed at all. This can mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment.

    All of these problems show the criminal justice system is at breaking point. Without urgent action, it will fall apart.

    A journey through the broken criminal justice system

    Our video tells the story of Peter, who is on a night out with friends when a fight breaks out. Although he wasn’t involved in the fight, Peter finds himself charged with affray.

    It’s just the beginning of a nightmare journey through the criminal justice system.

    Our criminal justice policy recommendations

    This year the government is reviewing its spending across all government departments. We’re asking it to invest more money to help resolve criminal justice issues.

    We believe that the government can help address the problems in the system by adopting our policy recommendations.

    Read our parliamentary briefing