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FAQ: Litigants in person - McKenzie Friends

19 February 2014

I am a newly qualified solicitor acting for a claimant. The defendant is acting as a litigant in person (LiP) and would like the assistance of a McKenzie Friend during court proceedings. Is the defendant permitted to have this help and can a McKenzie Friend address the court?

During court proceedings, a LiP has the right to seek reasonable assistance from a lay person, sometimes called a McKenzie Friend. A McKenzie Friend may sit alongside a LiP and provide general support. A McKenzie Friend cannot speak on behalf of a LiP unless invited to do so by the court, either within the confines of the court or in pre-trial meetings. Guidance on this has been issued by the president of the Family Division. For further information, please see the Law Society’s practice note on Litigants in person.


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