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How to apply for the Personal Injury Accreditation

To achieve the Personal Injury Accreditation, you must have been personally conducting personal injury for claimants or defendants for at least three years prior to submitting an application. Memberships last for three years, after which members are required to apply for re-accreditation.

You will need to show experience of taking or defending at least 10 cases to reach costs and case management conference, with at least one such case being set down for trial. Additionally, you will need demonstrable experience of handling at least two issued claims involving a dispute on liability and one claim involving a minor or Protected Party.

We will consider applications which do not exactly fulfil the entry criteria but which demonstrate a detailed and up-to-date understanding of personal injury litigation. Such practitioners may be in supervisory roles where their personal caseloads are small in number, but are potentially more complex. You will need to undertake some fee-earning in your day-to-day work and be able to evidence your experience against the desired competencies, to be able to apply for the accreditation.

How to apply

Step 1: Preparation and application

Read the general scheme application criteria and guidance (PDF 361kb) before starting your application. This is applicable to all Law Society accreditations.

Refer to the Personal Injury Accreditation guidance notes (PDF 342kb) to help you complete your application.

Step 2: Assessment and award of accreditation

Upon receipt of your application, it will be checked and allocated to an assessor who will review your application and portfolio submission against the required competencies. The accreditation office will notify you if any further information is required.

Accreditation fees

A fee is applicable for each application. See the fee schedule for full details of accreditation costs.

Help and support

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact our accreditation office for guidance:

Phone: 020 7320 5797