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Social mobility ambassadors

  • Our social mobility ambassadors promote role models from non-traditional backgrounds who have achieved their ambitions and are willing to support their peers within the profession and prospective solicitors.

    We select 10 solicitor ambassadors bi-annually to share their experiences of entering the profession, including the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

    Reflecting on their career path, each ambassador gives practical tips and advice on pursuing a career in law, providing inspiration and valuable insight for students considering a career in law.

    Through celebrating the success of our solicitor ambassadors, showcasing their achievements and sharing their stories, we hope to show that, regardless of social background, the profession welcomes talent, tenacity and a strong work ethic. Our ambassadors are inspiring proof of this.

    Recruitment for new social mobility ambassadors will start in February 2020. More information will be on our website early next year.

    2017 ambassadors

    View the 2017 ambassadors

    The role of the ambassador

    Each year we aim to recruit 10 new ambassadors in addition to our existing social mobility ambassadors.

    The role of a social mobility ambassador is to:

    • share their journeys into the profession
    • raise the profile of social mobility and fair access in the legal profession
    • provide insight into the profession to aspiring solicitors
    • engage with members of the community from low socio-economic background

    We do this through a number of initiatives including:

    • university and school events
    • formal and informal mentoring
    • facilitating workshops designed to help aspiring solicitor through the interview and application process.
    • Social mobility ambassador booklets and interviews and;
    • Ask an ambassador. the ask-an-ambassador platform makes it possible for aspiring solicitors and also solicitors already in the profession to ask the ambassador questions online.

    Our social mobility ambassadors form a network of solicitors who are committed to sharing their story and raising the aspirations of students and graduates interested in joining the profession.

    Ask an ambassador

    Please get in touch with us by emailing on any queries, including:

    • If you are interested in joining our ambassadors in 2018 and want to find out more about the process.
    • If you're a student or a graduate aspiring to a career in law and would like to ask the ambassadors a question.
    • If you would like us to send you copies of the ambassador booklet.
    • If you would like to invite a social mobility ambassador(s) to your organisation, school or university.