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New year, new clients

04 January 2017

Hayley Stewart of communications agency DTW, explains how you can use the Law Society's solicitor brand campaign to promote your firm this new year.

In October 2016, the Law Society launched its solicitor brand campaign promoting solicitors to the public, businesses and commissioners of legal services. We have showcased real solicitors in the adverts, flyers and videos, getting them involved and sharing their stories.

Law Society members said they wanted future campaigns to highlight the brand of solicitor as opposed to other providers of legal services. Work began in August 2015, when the Law Society commissioned independent market research to find out what solicitor brand meant to members, commissioners and the public. The research findings were workshopped with members, and six 'brand values' were agreed. The values are that solicitors:

  • - are experts in their field
  • - are client focused
  • - provide value for money
  • - are honest and honourable
  • - are approachable and accessible
  • - add value to society

We then looked at how we could develop a campaign that would communicate these values, differentiate solicitors from other legal professionals, promote the value of using a solicitor, and direct people to contact a solicitor.

The key feedback - to showcase real solicitors - led us across England and Wales, travelling hundreds of miles to photograph and video solicitors. The campaign materials feature 25 solicitors, in both posters and print materials, and over 80 pieces of video content, designed to share across social media platforms. We're also asking solicitors to send us pictures of activities they're involved in out of the office - everything from running marathons, to kickboxing, to learning to fly! - which we're posting to the Law Society's Instagram page.

Use the campaign to promote your firm

We're encouraging you to share the campaign infographics, animations and videos promoting solicitors on your own websites and social media channels, and we've produced social media toolkits and other resources to help you promote yourselves.

We've also designed our campaign posters and flyers so that you can add your own firm's logo, contact details, and even photos of you and your colleagues. You can access all the campaign resources through My Law Society, and you'll be able to order the personalised posters from the end of January.

We'll continue to load more materials for you to use - such as infographics and animations - onto My Law Society as they're developed. February and March will see another push on the national outdoor advertising campaign, so if you download your materials now, you'll have them ready in time - a great opportunity to get low-cost, personalised marketing for your firm that will have even more impact because it ties into a national campaign which will reach millions of consumers and commissioners of legal services.

Why not make creating a set of posters for your firm a new year's resolution? New year, new image, new clients!

Campaign activities

The solicitor brand campaign also includes many tried and tested elements of past campaigns. I hope many of you will have seen the outdoor advertising on buses in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds, and on the national rail network across England and Wales. We're also using targeted online advertising, ads in magazines like The Director and Business Traveller, and ads in regional newspapers and we'll be running an advert for high street solicitors on ITV Hub.

We created short animations promoting the value of high street solicitors and in-house solicitors and explaining why a business should use a solicitor, showcasing solicitors as trained specialists and explaining the SRA Code of Conduct. We want to share these with you and encourage you to use them on your own websites or social media channels. You can download the member versions as they are added to My Law Society. The campaign promotes all of those through Youtube.

We launched #SolicitorChat last year - an online question and answer session on our @LawSocietyFAS Twitter account, held on Thursday mornings between 9:00 and 10:00 - for solicitors to share their ideas and advice on matters relating to the legal sector. We'll be turning all the useful information from these sessions into short reports (on our Tumblr account), as well as using the discussions to produce infographics and graphics to help further promote the solicitor brand.

We want members to continue to get involved in this campaign, so get in touch by email - tell us what you love about being a solicitor, what makes it worth going to work every day, and how you make a real difference to people's lives. Get involved so we can make your voice heard!

Find out more about the solicitor brand campaign
View our solicitor brand campaign videos on YouTube
Take part in #SolicitorChat on our @LawSocietyFAS Twitter account on Thursday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00
Check our Tumblr account for write-ups of the #SolicitorChat discussions
Register / log in at My Law Society for access to campaign materials and downloads

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About the author

Hayley Stewart is a director at DTW, a full service communications agency working with the Law Society on the solicitor brand campaign 2016/17.
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