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End legal aid deserts

  • Provision of legal aid advice for housing is disappearing in large areas of England and Wales, creating legal aid deserts.

    Almost one third of legal aid areas have just one and – in some cases – zero law firms who provide housing advice which is available through legal aid.

    Find out how many providers there are in your local area by using our interactive map:

    The requirements for viewing this map are: Internet Explorer 9 and above; Chrome 10 and above; or Firefox 6 and above. Data correct as of 8 August 2016

    How to use: Click and drag your cursor to move. Use your scroll-button or the zoom buttons to zoom in and out. Search for places using the search box. Enable full-screen with the full-screen button.

    View the map in full

    The shortage in legal aid advice for housing means that people on low incomes facing homelessness and eviction are struggling to get the local face-to-face advice they desperately need and are entitled to by law.

    In the last quarter of 2015-16, 17 per cent fewer people got legal aid help for a housing matter than in the same period in the previous year.

    The government needs to urgently address this issue, which is why we are calling for an independent review into the sustainability of the civil legal aid system.

    We are also calling on the government to seek to commission a second provider in areas that currently only have one.

    Get involved

    If you are a local law society, download our campaigner pack and help us increase support in the areas you represent.

    Download our campaigner pack (Word 1.5mb)

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