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Training and publications for the Mental Health Accreditation Scheme

Applicants will need to complete mandatory training with an approved course provider (PDF 193kb) before submitting an application. Contact one of them directly to get training dates and joining instructions. A range of publications are available from our bookshop to help you meet the required standard.

Mandatory training

The mandatory two-day course will help you to demonstrate:

  • competence in your knowledge of the law, procedure and practice relevant to representing clients before the first-tier tribunal (mental health)
  • the ability to represent clients effectively before the first-tier tribunal (mental health)
  • knowledge of mental health, social services and mental capacity law relevant to advising and representing clients within the scope of the mental health Legal Aid Agency contract
  • sensitivity to and awareness of clients’ needs, with particular reference to a client’s vulnerability as a consequence of their mental disorder
  • commitment to representing the interests of clients with mental health difficulties

You will need a basic understanding of mental health law and procedure before attending the mandatory training to gain the most benefit.

You must continue to update yourself with changes in the law, practice and procedure by completing at least six hours of mental health law-related CPD training per year throughout your period of accreditation.

Relevant publications

The following publications in the Law Society Bookshop provide practical guidance on current law and procedure for all professionals working in mental health law.