LSB legal services market strategy

The proposals

Over summer and autumn, the Legal Services Board (LSB) will be developing a new three-year strategy for the legal services market, with the intention to consult on it at the end of year.

The strategy aims to identify the important issues that need to be tackled in the legal services market.

As part of the process, the LSB is engaging with stakeholders to seek views about the legal services landscape and addressing questions below:

  • What excites you about the legal services landscape over the next three years?
  • What worries you about the next three years? What are the big challenges still to be overcome? Who should be taking the lead on those challenges?
  • If you could change three things in the next three years, what would they be?
  • What are you doing about these issues?
  • How can the LSB help and where can you work together?

In parallel, the LSB will be undertaking some preliminary work on reserved activities in the context of the new strategy development.

It will look at what improvements could be made to the market using the LSB’s existing legislative powers.

Under section 24 of the Legal Services Act 2007 (the Act), the LSB Board may recommend to the lord chancellor to add any legal activity to the activities which are currently reserved.

Under section 26 of the Act, the LSB Board may recommend that an activity should cease to be a reserved legal activity.

However, a removal of any of the current reserved activities would require primary legislation.

What we’re doing

We’ll be engaging with the LSB over the summer period, as this will be a good opportunity to help shape their early thinking.

Next steps

The LSB will hold exploratory discussions with the Ministry of Justice, the Competition and Markets Authority and others should the LSB Board decides to carry out this work.

This would be followed up by a stakeholder consultation at the end of the year on whether to actually conduct the review.

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