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Council, boards and committees

  • The Law Society is governed by its Council, which is responsible for, among other things, setting the budget and setting the Law Society’s position on major policy issues.

    Council is supported by its Board, which has primary responsibility for overseeing the effective implementation of the Law Society’s strategy and business plans as set by Council.

    The Board is supported by two ‘Committees of the Board’:

    • The Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee (PRAC)
    • The Membership and Operations Committee (MOC)

    PRAC deals with legal policy and regulatory issues relevant to the profession and to the Society’s public interest role. PRAC is advised in its responsibilities by its 25 specialist committees.

    MOC deals with the development and oversight of the services provided to members and others.

    See the detailed terms of reference of the Board, the PRAC and the MOC in the Law Society’s General Regulations (PDF 330kb).

    There are two further boards, one which runs the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA), and one which supports Council in its remaining approved regulator function of oversight of the SRA:

    The below chart summarises our new governance structure, effective from February 2018.