Civil Justice Committee

The role of the Civil Justice Committee is:

  • to keep under review, and to promote improvements in civil litigation, including dispute resolution
  • to provide guidance to the profession and answer queries.

Who to contact

Committee secretary: Nasima Begum
Policy advisers: Kate Fairhurst and Steven Violet


  • Sophie Khan (Chair)
  • Deborah Burke
  • Gareth Dickson
  • Colin Ettinger (CM)
  • Nichola Evans (CM)
  • Hekim Hannan
  • Melanie Hart
  • Michael Imperato
  • Charlie Jones (CM)
  • Vidisha Joshi
  • Jeff Lewis
  • David Marshall
  • Vlad Meerovich
  • Nick Parker
  • Michelle Penn
  • Richard Schaverian
  • Mark Tawn
  • Cormac Toomey
  • Phillip Tracey
  • Craig Underwood
  • Jonathan Wheeler