When a child's involved, you want to be sure you're getting the best legal support available.

Law Society accredited children lawyers are specialists in dealing with the areas of the law related to children. They can help with matters including:

  • working out arrangements for children following family breakdowns
  • if children's services/social services becoming involved with your family
  • child protection and what to do when you think a child's at risk
  • adopting a child
  • your rights to see your children
  • child custody issues
  • the legal rights of children

Our accredited Children Law specialists can support:

  • Children
  • Adults whose children are 'at risk' or have been taken into care

You might also want to look at the Family Law page. Members of those schemes can help with some of the issues listed above.

Why choose a member of the Law Society's Children Law Accreditation?

Accreditation is the quality mark for legal professionals working in family and children law, particularly those who represent children. The Law Society's Children Law Accreditation is only available to practitioners who can demonstrate that they possess the required level of competence and knowledge in legal matters relating to children.

To become accredited, legal practitioners have to undergo a rigorous process, which includes mandatory training and an interview assessment in front of a panel of experts, to demonstrate that they have the required knowledge, skills and experience.

In particular, they must:

  • be aware of the relevant laws and regulations relating to children law, including patient confidentiality and medical treatment
  • have the sensitivity to understand the needs of a child when representing their interests
  • have the ability to represent clients effectively
  • show commitment to representing the interests of clients, especially children
  • show continued compliance through re-accreditation every three years and ongoing checks by the Law Society

Making a complaint

If you want to complain about your solicitor you must follow their complaints procedure first. Your solicitor will give you details about their complaints procedure. If you are still not happy when you have done that, you can contact the Legal Ombudsman on 0300 555 0333. The Legal Ombudsman handles complaints about solicitors.

If you have a complaint about a member of a Law Society accreditation scheme, please email us at or telephone us on 020 7316 5550.