Family and relationship problems can sometimes cause legal nightmares.

In difficult times, you need expert legal support on your side.

Law Society Family Law is the quality mark for family lawyers. Our practitioners are recognised, qualified experts, who can help sort out the legal side of family problems. They can give you legal advice on:

  • getting a divorce
  • separation agreements
  • sorting out child custody, maintenance and residence agreements
  • getting married, including pre-nuptial agreements
  • the law related to unmarried couples living together
  • civil partnerships
  • adopting a child
  • taking out an injunction, and what your rights are in cases of domestic violence

About Law Society Family Law Accreditation

Law Society Family Accreditation is the quality mark for family law practitioners. Accredited legal professionals undergo a rigorous process to get accredited, including demonstrating superior experience, knowledge and best practice in family law.
Law Society accredited family lawyers understand that family issues can be personal and sometimes difficult, and are committed to dealing with each case thoughtfully and sensitively. They have the knowledge and experience to represent your interests and those of your children.

If your case is very complicated you might want to find a member of the Family Law Advanced scheme.