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  • Pro Bono: it's part of being a lawyer

    The Law Society actively supports and facilitates our members' involvement in pro bono initiatives.

    We know that our members provide a huge amount of important free legal advice to individuals, charities and community groups throughout England & Wales, and we work with them to help celebrate and grow this work.

    • Pro Bono manual front cover 172x243

      Pro Bono Manual

      The Pro Bono Manual is a practical guide and resource kit for solicitors looking to develop a pro bono programme, either in-house or in a law firm.

    • Pro Bono charter front cover 172x243

      Pro Bono Charter

      The Pro Bono Charter is a public commitment by the legal community to promote pro bono opportunities throughout their businesses and to help support this goal.

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    Legal aid guide for pro bono clinics

    The Law Society has produced this guide to help those conducting pro bono work understand when their clients may be entitled to legal aid.

    13 August 2019

    Westminster weekly update: Law Society gives evidence on court and tribunal reforms

    Your weekly update from the Law Society's public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

    28 May 2019

    Walk for justice: Caring about access to justice in a time of cuts

    Rosa Coleman is a marketing and development officer at the charity London Legal Support Trust and blogs about how access to justice and legal aid is under threat, and what you can do to help.

    24 April 2019

    Pro bono - good for the community, good for lawyers too

    What is pro bono work? It is free legal advice or help provided by lawyers to the public. Lawyers have always done pro bono work. 

    22 October 2018

    Justice Week 2018 programme

    Information and resources to help with the planning of events for Justice Week 2018.

    16 October 2018

    Pro bono

    Learn more about how the Law Society supports its members' pro bono initiatives

    12 October 2018

    Pro Bono Week 2018

    From the 22 October to 29 October 2018, in the lead up to Justice Week, the National Pro Bono Centre is running Pro Bono Week.

    10 October 2018

    Justice Week 2018

    Justice Week is a new initiative setup by the three legal professional bodies; the Law Society, the Bar Council and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

    25 July 2018

    In-house pro bono practice: regulatory requirements

    This practice note explores the regulatory impediments to in-house solicitors providing pro bono services to the public.

    31 May 2018
    Practice note

    Why National Pro Bono Week 2017 is focusing on health and education

    As a growing number of free legal advice clinics pop up in GP surgeries and healthcare centres, legal charities and professional bodies behind this year's National Pro Bono Week are drawing attention to the link between pro bono legal advice and health.

    9 November 2017
    Press release
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  • The Law Society actively supports our members' pro bono initiatives and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to support and celebrate the pro bono work carried out by solicitors, while acknowledging that pro bono legal work is always only an adjunct to, and not a substitute for, a proper system of publicly funded legal services.

    We are a member of the attorney general's domestic and international pro bono committees and a founding signatory of the Pro Bono Protocol, which provides a common pro bono definition for the sector.

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  • Contact us

    For further information about how we support our members with their pro bono work, please contact our pro bono and public legal education policy officer, Kerry Nicholson.

    Please note that we do not keep a list of pro bono providers and are unable to refer members of the public to pro bono solicitors.

    For the Public

    You can also find more information on pro bono and other legal issues on the Advice Now website.

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  • The case for pro bono

    Pro bono publico. This humble Latin phrase has developed into a sector of its own right, but what does it mean, asks Sinéad Corcoran of LawWorks, and why should you get involved?

    > A case for pro bono