In conversation with Rachel Brushfield

This episode of 'In Conversation with…' takes a look at marketing with Rachel Brushfield, author of Smarter Legal Marketing. Rachel is joined by Millie Patel, head of marketing and communications at the Law Society.

This podcast covers topics such as why solicitors dislike marketing themselves and offers advice on how to overcome this, as well as the benefits for both individuals and firms.

Rachel and Millie explore what marketing is, offer advice on how to focus marketing efforts for maximum results and how marketing can help reap rewards such as attracting the right type of clients and building and maintaining relationships with them.

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About Rachel Brushfield

Rachel Brushfield is The Talent Liberator and is the founder of Energise – The Talent Liberation Company. Rachel helps lawyers to overcome their actual and perceived blocks about marketing themselves to create/enhance professional and career success. She has over 30 years’ experience including 17 years’ focus on the legal profession.

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