Reset, Resilience and Recovery – solicitors open for business

Supporting solicitors and firms to reset their practices to best serve their clients - whether working remotely or from the office; helping solicitors and firms to increase business resilience; and empowering solicitors and firms to drive the recovery after coronavirus.

Solicitor working from home during the coronavirus pandemic

All across the country, solicitors have continued to work tirelessly for their clients to ensure the highest standard of service through the coronavirus crisis.

This vital work has not been without its challenges, and further challenges will continue to arise for firms and solicitors as we move towards the next stage in response to the virus.

The rebranded Reset, Resilience and Recovery campaign aims to support solicitors to grow and thrive, and place firms and the legal sector as a crucial part of the wider national recovery effort.


In September 2020, the UK government announced new COVID-19 restrictions:

  • all firms should allow their staff to work from home if they can
  • if essential staff members are required in the office, then the firm must make sure it's a COVID-19 secure workplace – read our practical framework on return to the office
  • if a staff member or anyone in their household currently has symptoms of coronavirus, they must not go to work

We understand that this change in policy may cause disruption for many law firms that have implemented plans for return to the office.

However, public health and safety is paramount.

We're monitoring the situation and urging law firms to comply with the government guidance as soon as they're able.

Read our article about making remote working permanent, setting up as a virtual/dispersed firm or joining an existing virtual firm


Adapting to the new restrictions whilst keeping up productivity is a central part of our campaign.

We've produced a suite of resources to help you and your organisation to increase your financial and operational resilience.


The Recovery stage focuses on steps the government can take to help solicitors in revitalising key markets, such as:

  • bespoke support for the civil and criminal legal aid sectors
  • changes to the apprenticeship levy to promote job creation and training
  • targeted tax incentives to support employment and stimulate activity in key markets
  • continuing to promote England and Wales internationally as a global legal centre
  • investing in adoption of new technologies in the legal sector
  • ensuring access to justice for all to help ensure our communities emerge from the crisis more resilient and more supported than before

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