Return, Restart and Recovery – solicitors open for business

Supporting solicitors and firms to return to their offices safely; helping solicitors and firms to restart the economy; and empowering solicitors and firms to drive the recovery after coronavirus.

Statue of lady justice with sunlight and clouds

All across the country, solicitors have continued to work tirelessly for their clients to ensure the highest standard of service through the coronavirus crisis.

This vital work has not been without its challenges, and further challenges will continue to arise for firms and solicitors as we move towards the next stage in response to the virus.

Our campaign to support solicitors, firms and the wider national recovery effort – the Return, Restart, and Recovery campaign – seeks to place solicitors within the wider context and identify the role our profession will play to support access to justice and drive our economy forward.

Over the coming months, we’ll produce a series of outputs through the campaign to support firms and solicitors to return to the office, restart the economy and drive the recovery after coronavirus.


The Return stage of our campaign focuses on supporting law firms to re-open their doors safely and business support measures to address the courts backlog which do not compromise on the quality of justice.


The Restart stage focuses on steps the government can take to help solicitors in revitalising key markets, such as:

  • bespoke support for the civil and criminal legal aid sectors
  • changes to the apprenticeship levy to promote job creation and training, and
  • targeted tax incentives to support employment and stimulate activity in key markets


The Recovery stage focuses on the wider role legal services will play in the country’s recovery from coronavirus, both in economic terms and in social ones. This means:

  • continuing to promote England and Wales internationally as a global legal centre
  • investing in adoption of new technologies in the legal sector, and
  • ensuring access to justice for all to help ensure our communities emerge from the crisis more resilient and more supported than before

Solicitors: Open for business

On 30 June, we published a submission to HM Treasury outlining specific measures the government can take which would help the legal services sector to achieve this mission.

The submission provides a comprehensive and holistic programme for recovery across all sectors of the UK economy and all segments of society.

Read our full submission