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    We can help you reduce cyber risk in your firm, show you where you are vulnerable and save you money.

    We are delighted to offer you a 10 per cent discount on our market-leading, GCHQ-certified training and awareness program. For more information, or a no-obligation demonstration, please call 020 3909 6913, email or visit our website.

    Watch this free webinar now: Tackling the Human Aspect of Cyber Security - The Psychology of a Law Firm.

    How can we help you keep your firm safe from cyber attacks?

    We can help educate your people through a range of online short structured modules, containing thought provoking content, designed to optimise behavioural change.

  • CybSafe has played a really important part in our information security strategy. We found it highly relevant and user-friendly. In the ongoing war on cyber attacks, it has made a positive difference to the company and given our people a clear insight into how they can manage the risks we face every day.

    Simon Holdsworth, managing partner. Thrings Solicitors.