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Outcomes-focused regulation

The Law Society has been monitoring developments since the implementation of the SRA's new outcomes-focused approach (OFR) to regulation in October 2011. OFR is a move away from a rules-based approach and instead focuses on high-level outcomes governing practice and quality of outcomes for clients.

Information on the SRA's regulatory requirements can be found here:

OFR features

Cutting regulatory red tape
We are responding to all of the SRA's Red Tape Initiative consultations, which form part of the SRA's continuing commitment to regularly review its regulatory processes and procedures.
Read our response to the SRA's consultation

Compliance Officers support

All recognised and licensed bodies must have in place a compliance officer for legal practice (COLP) and a compliance officer for finance and administration (COFA).
Read about our support for COLPs and COFAs

Regulatory Committees

The Professional Standards and Ethics Committee and Regulatory Processes and Complaints Committee meet to discuss OFR and the work of the SRA, as well as overseeing regulatory policy decisions.
Read about the work of the Committees

Regulatory performance survey 2012

The Law Society conducted a survey on firms' views on regulatory performance during 2012.
Read the results of the survey

More on regulation and compliance

Practice Notes


SRA handbook being replaced
SRA Standards and Regulations - Introduction to new package

The new SRA Standards and Regulations will become effective later this year replacing the existing SRA Handbook. Attend this one-hour live webinar where our speaker will talk you through the new package, clarify the new format and more.

SRA Standards and Regulations - Introduction to new package > More