Sentry funding

Sentry Funding is a litigation funding portal that automates the third-party funding application process. Saving litigators time and their clients' money.


Automated litigation funding

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What Sentry Funding offers

Sentry Funding is a UK litigation funding portal that empowers people to take positive action and get justice.

Members of the Law Society are invited to benefit from the innovative SaaS offering which is transforming the way solicitors access third-party funding, especially for cases that require less than £500,000 in funding.

Sentry Funding provides a fully bespoke, regulatory compliant and fast service - connecting clients to funders who will financially support their case for smaller claims such as one-off commercial cases.

Law Society members who join the Sentry Funding portal can access these benefits:

  • specialised in funding smaller litigation cases, under £500,000 in funding
  • speedy litigation funding through market-leading technology - Decision in Principle in under 5 minutes and 15 days from approval to drawdown
  • bespoke, editable compliance report that satisfies regulatory responsibilities
  • services are free of charge to solicitors
  • Sentry Funding allows solicitors and funders to show criteria upfront
  • litigation funder covers the cost of ATE insurance, managed by Sentry Funding’s pioneering technology
  • all client and case data is secure and encrypted 

Access quick and comprehensive funding decisions 

Helping solicitors access funding, be compliant and deliver justice for clients.

Continually growing an expert network of the UK’s leading barrister chambers and costs lawyers, Sentry Funding provides a diverse range of expertise to build the best profile for case success.

They ensure consideration across all parties involved and provide a service that helps:

  • solicitors work more efficiently
  • funders be more proactive, and
  • for clients to get justice

Providing clients with litigation funding options can help you meet SRA Code of Conduct requirements to take account of your client’s needs and circumstances and to act in their best interests.

Sentry Funding ensures that claimants are presented with the most cost-effective and time-efficient solutions, so solicitors are supported to have:

  • financial transparency
  • financial regulation
  • frequent client communication
  • detailed case information whenever it’s needed
  • efficient digital software for speed of information
  • reduced admin time spent on seeking out funding options
  • increased client satisfaction

Rapid raise funding

Sentry Funding open their pioneering Rapid Raise funding to Law Society members, enabling an automated litigation funding process, delivering a funding decision in days.

Rapid Raise is exclusively offered to three types of cases with rigid criteria:

  • Rapid Raise one – one off commercial disputes requiring less than £500,000 in third-party funding
  • Rapid Raise two – typically hundreds of small claims with either proven case law or high merits of winning 
  • Rapid Raise three – low value scheme funding less than £5,000

Request a demo

Request a demo to see Sentry Funding in action and understand how it can benefit you and your clients with:

  • A bespoke editable compliance report
  • Costs explanations
  • Defendant asset & liability analysis
  • Quantum report
  • Sophisticated algorithm delivering funding decisions in minutes
  • First electronic trading file that allows multiple parties confidential access

Case studies

Find out how Sentry Funding has helped solicitors access litigation funding across a variety of cases:

Person at table writing
Person at table writing