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Career barriers action plan

Last updated: 27 March 2013

The Law Society has reviewed the findings of the three pieces of research and has produced an action plan that outlines the steps the Law Society will take in partnership with the profession to help address the barriers highlighted by the research.

Action areas

Respondents to the survey challenged the Law Society to take action in several key areas.

  1. Do more to promote inclusive practices in the sector
  2. Provide mechanisms to enable people to challenge discrimination
  3. Play a lead role in challenging the current culture, especially in regard to management practices and perceptions of '24/7' client expectations
  4. Provide information on, support and promote the use of positive action, mentors and coaches
  5. Encourage the collection of better diversity monitoring data to provide an impetus for change
  6. Provide written guidelines on effective diversity management and contemporary people management practices
  7. Provide training and workshops in equality and diversity as well as developing professional skills


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